The Lodge CIT

The Lodge is run by volunteers looking to make a difference and promote parity of esteem where mental health is equal to physical health. We offer a place of safety where clients can relax and take part in group activities which improves their wellbeing thereby reducing social factors like isolation or anxiety

The services we offer are varied and can be found in our services page. Please click here or click the link at the side for more information on these services. If you would like to help with local problems at a local level please get in touch via our contact us page here


Meet the Team

David Whiteside

I am trained by both Mind and Thirteen to peer mentor status. I stared as a volunteer at Hope North East where I was sent to the lodge to help out in the kitchen. I then started my own group and was asked to keep the lodge open and it has grown since then. We owe a great deal to Thirteen group for grants and start up costs

Alan Barry

I have done a lot of work in the volunteer sector. I worked for Mind in the Connect Recovery courses as a Facilitator and Co-Facilitator and i still keep my hand in there as I love working with people. I have also trained as a Peer Mentor. I started at the lodge by running a Hearts and Minds support group. This group has been running for more than 3 years and I am now the Chairman for The Lodge CIT

Fraser Powell

I helped set up the Hearts and Minds Support group as well as Co Facilitated Peer Mentor training. After taking some time out I came back in January 2016 as The Lodge Secretary. I am now a paper work master as I produce all promotional leaflets and the paperwork to keep The Lodge CIT up and running.

Jill Smith

I became The Lodge Chef in November after I was asked to come back to the lodge. I love talking to the clients. I was trained by Hope North East where I acquired my Food Management competency

Jeanie Dons

I am the newest member of staff and I currently run a ladies group. I enjoy making hampers, flower arranging and bringing some sunshine into a room with a smile no matter what problems come up.


Stuart Bonner

I work with Jill and have competency in food management. I am always helping around at The Lodge, whether that be in the kitchen or helping with its finances. I am willing to help no matter wherever I am needed.

Damian Deloy

I am very good with computers. So much so I was employed by the DWP to teach people how to leearn to use computers to look for jobs. I am also a tutor for Learn My Way, a website which helps people to learn the basics of computers and to help people get online.

Next Steps...

At present we have no funding and rely solely on the generosity of the local community. If you would like to donate or sponsor us please click the following button to donate via paypal.